Welcome to Waves And Pine, a lifestyle blog and brand.

My name is Leah Astore and I’m a 26 year old photographer, filmmaker, writer, and entrepreneur living in New England.

Born and raised in Plymouth, MA something that always stood out to me was the abundance of coastlines and thick wooded stretches of land. I’d spend Summer in the waves and Winter in the woods surrounded by the soft scent of pine. There was nothing more comforting.

After spending some time away from home on the West Coast I came back to the East Coast with new eyes. My heart became full again and I desired to share that fullness with others. Thus, Waves and Pine was born in November 2015.

It’s always been my dream to share my love of New England with another and when I met Nicholas my heart became full. Together we strive to capture the beauty we find in our surroundings and to share it with others through posts and the handmade products we make on this site.

Waves and Pine is a place to share in the feeling of being human and a part of the universe, in every aspect from the day to day to deeper issues that affect everyone. I wanted this blog to be more than just a place to share outfits and makeup, but to share more mindful things and connect with likeminded people.

I hope you find something here. Even if it’s simply one of our photographs or lines that speaks to you.